Frost Queen

Week 4

After defeating the runed frostfolk you left the village and set off for the tower. Shortly after leaving the village a wizard from the guild was teleported to you location, he came bearing orders and supplies. Krogan promptly broke the magic wagon the held a years worth of supplies and you were forced to only bring what little you could carry.

You reached the tower and made your way through, after getting to the top you faced a giant monster, before the creature killed you the frost queen appeared and and told you that she had a use for you, and she sent you to a strange forest.

Week 3

After leaving the mouth of the cave and heading to towards the river off in the distance you came across an abandoned village. The village looked like in would have been built in a warmer climate, but it was covered in snow. In the village you found the bodies of three of the villagers, on of the carried a journal documenting the slow demise of the village.

You left the village and traveled north along the river until you found a town inhabited by humans and frostfolk. The village was controlled by the Frost Queens minions, and in the temple was a frost crystal. After killing the Frosts Queens minions the crystal in the temple shatered and the people of the town who had runes placed on them started screaming in agony.

Week 2

After leaving the puzzle room you found yourself at the edge of a giant 200ft wide chasm. the ceiling of the chasm was about 50ft high, with a bottom that couldn’t be seen. You crossed the chasm after a little trial and error. on the other side was a hidden door that went to a tunnel to the out side of the mountain. The end of the tunnel was guarded by two frost golems. After defeating them you rested and were ambushed by four similadons.

Week 1

You have been sent on a mission to clear a mountain pass for the king of the realm. You explored the port town and asked questions about the pass. You learned the the pass is believed to be inhabited by a blind ice seer and her monsters. once you got to the mountain pass you fought off a frost worm, during the fight when you had almost killed the frost worm several runes on the worm flashed and healed the worm. The worm escaped and you proceeded to track the worm to a fortress along the mountain pass. The fortress was guarded by two frost giants, you found what you thought to be a back door, inside it you found three puzzles after solving each puzzle you fought a Golem. After solving the three puzzles and defeating the golems, you felt you mortal soul being ripped from your body only to be returned to it shortly. After the feeling faded you realized that the room changed, the door you came in disappeared and another appeared on the other side of the room.


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